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CoLinux - Setting it up on Windows XP

About this article I wanted to write an article thats quick and simple get colinux working on a Windows Host. I have skipped details that can be referred elsewhere in the spirit of keeping this article simple.
The infrastructure used:Laptop: Toshiba Portege A 200
Host OS: Windows XP
Guest OS: Ubuntu 8.04 (alpha 6) What is Colinux Colinux or Cooperative linux is an easy way to run Windows and Linux simultaneously on the same machine without the hassle of partitioning.More at ...
Preparing Setup Space Requirements Ensure you have ample space on your drive depending on how full you want to enjoy linux. Below numbers may help you decide if you have enough space to set up colinux: Bare minimum non-gui colinux: 2G Gnome/Kde based colinux: 5G For use as full time OS: 10G+ Software needed QemuQEMU Accelerator ModuleColinuxWincapUbuntu or any linux distribution of your choice. I used ubuntu for this article. And you should download the .iso file from this website. UnxUtils