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Gnome Shell - leaves Windows behind (again)

When 3D effects came to Linux with Compiz and Beryl - much before windows - Linux made great news. MS tried hard with Vista to take on this challenge but we all know how these compare. They hardly do. do they? :)

Anyways, fast forward to Gnome Shell. This is another first from Linux (oops Gnome). Windows 7? It will take Windows 9, 10, 11 to reach there - if at all it did :)

Gnome Shell... My initial reactions
Its super coooool way of working with desktop. Nice gimick thereBest part is - the speed. Its so much faster to locate things - files, folder, commands, programs, places etc. Combine it with Gnome-do and its nice look dock at the bottom, the efficiency in navigating around the desktop is awesome. it is simple. Why do we need 2-3 drop downs at the top. Just have one launch point. Neat! No more trying to figure out where recent files are, network is etc.But where is the System Administration stuff? It did not take much to realize that I have an expanded version of all the shortcut…