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Future of wearables?

The other day, I completed my morning run and reached for my left wrist to stop the activity, I realized I wasn’t wearing anything that I could stop. No watch, no smartphone. I felt wow!. This happened because my arm band for phone had worn out and so had my Garmin GPS watch strap a few days ago – after years of loyalty :). So, I had just gone out on the run without any of these wearables on me. I can honestly say that I felt I ran faster, more freely with nothing on my mind other than running and felt lighter all the way.
That’s when I realized that, somehow these phones, watches etc. have this passive effect of making you run for them (or for your friends) rather than for yourself. You have this background thought of beating your previous record, pace etc. and showing it off on the race portal or Facebook. Don’t get me wrong it feels good to keep records, beat records and mutual encouragement from friends helps a lot. However, it does come at a price – the price is your freedom – you…