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Conky inspires

For quite sometime, I had been trying to make my ubuntu desktop more and more cool. First I stumbled upon macubuntu script. This is single no-hassle script that will make a Mac blush. And now, I found something more interesting - Conky. I was aware of conky earlier but not in the same incarnation. See the attached screenshot of my desktop. Isn't cool?

In case you are wondering, conky provides the nice looking sidebar on the desktop. This sidebar is heavily customizable in terms of what you fit in there. The desktop is inspired by this link. I did some customizations of my own and made a few things working. In doing so, I realized how easy it is build upon this nifty utility called conky.

Here is How:
Install the programs

 sudo apt-get install conky hddtemp lm-sensors python-feedparser
Download Scripts Download the scripts that I used from here. Extract these files into ~/bin/conky directory. I generally keep my programs in ~/bin but feel free to customize the location. You would need…