Gnome Shell - leaves Windows behind (again)

When 3D effects came to Linux with Compiz and Beryl - much before windows - Linux made great news. MS tried hard with Vista to take on this challenge but we all know how these compare. They hardly do. do they? :)

Anyways, fast forward to Gnome Shell. This is another first from Linux (oops Gnome). Windows 7? It will take Windows 9, 10, 11 to reach there - if at all it did :)

Gnome Shell... My initial reactions
  • Its super coooool way of working with desktop. Nice gimick there
  • Best part is - the speed. Its so much faster to locate things - files, folder, commands, programs, places etc.
  • Combine it with Gnome-do and its nice look dock at the bottom, the efficiency in navigating around the desktop is awesome.
  • it is simple. Why do we need 2-3 drop downs at the top. Just have one launch point. Neat! No more trying to figure out where recent files are, network is etc.
  • But where is the System Administration stuff? It did not take much to realize that I have an expanded version of all the shortcuts available from the right side of the launchpad - my name -->; System Preferences

What still needs to be done..
  • i had a few applets on the panel which now disappeared and there does not seem to be a way to add these anymore :(. Hopefully, that will come back soon.
  • i could not move this to bottom or to any other side of the screen. Not a big deal since I really want it on top but other might prefer it elsewhere - side, bottom

In short, Gnome Shell rocks and is redefining the end user computing experience.

Few more screenshots