High CPU usage in Jaunty (FIXED)

After having trouble with high CPU usage in the newest version of Ubuntu - 9.04, I finally managed to get it in control.

The culprit is 'vino-server'. This starts running when one will enable Remote desktop on ubuntu. I did not intend to use it. I prefer nx-server for the remote desktop connection - far more efficient and secure. Somehow, vino got enabled. The problem is that it does not show up as Vino usage but as xorg process usage - and thats hard to diagnose. But finally, googling worked :).

Go to system -> Preference -> Remote Desktop to disable this.

I used
- sensors-applets
- CPU Frequency monitor applets (perhaps part of cpufreq-utils package)

to switch the cpu to powersave mode and keep the cpu from overheating due to this unneccessary cpu usage.

Having killed the vino server and disabling it altogether, I dont have to restrain my laptop cpu to a lower frequency anymore.

Got tipped from here...